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VanTron Technology Limited is professional in LCD/LED kits, we wholesale all kinds of LCD/LED controller boards, LCD inverters, LED backlight driver,etc. We also customize whole a LCD kit according to customers' requirement

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M.RT2270C.3A ROWA LCD Monitor Driver Board / AD Board /VGA boardM.NT68676.2A(HDMI+DVI+VGA+Audio) LCD/LED Controller BoardLCD Controller Board LM.R25.A4 With VGALM.R33.A LCD/LED Controller BoardLM.R61.B5-4 LCD/LED Controller BoardLCD Controller Board KYV-N2 V1 60Pin for  8" AUO A080SN01/10.4" A104SN03LA.MV29.P TV Controller Board LA.MV29.P with VGA/HDMI/AV/USB/TVLM.R33.A LCD Controller/Driving Board Adapter Kit TTLVGA+HDMI Controller Board KitsWLED Backlight LVDS Interface 5.6 Inch HYDIS LCD Panel HV056WX1-101 1280 x 800AUO LCD/LED Panel Screen AUO_M240HTN01.2AUO LCD/LED Panel Screen AUO_M270HVN02.110.1 inch HDMI VGA1920x1080 Resolution Monitor for PC,CCTV Camera,Raspberry Pi-3,Video Game8 Inch DIY HDMI Display Screen for Raspberry Pi 3 SKD LCD Monitor KitsRTD2556_eDP_1H HDMI Monitor Controller Board with eDP Output